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The CFS Class of 1996 Senior Prank Home Page

Introduction: Mr. Abbott's Surprise

On the morning of June 1, 1996, the students, teachers, and administators of Christian Fellowship School arrived at the school's Lakewood, CO building just as they did on any normal day. What they found waiting for them, however, was decidedly abnormal: the principal's office was full of newspaper, the sanctuary was "redecorated," and the gym floor was covered with thousands of water-filled foam cups. In the middle of it all lay the cryptic calling card left by the previous night's visitors: a gigantic "Q" encircling the number "17."

Truman Abbott, the school's administrator, knew immediately who was responsible, and set about trying to track down the culprits. Angry calls were placed to the homes of the high school's twelve seniors, but none of the parents claimed to have any knowledge of their whereabouts. And for once in his life, Mr. Abbott had to accept that the situation was (at least for that moment) completely out of his control.


Buying the supplies. At work with the cups. Jerry fills the cups.
Eli hard at work. Trashing Mr. Abbott's office. Commando Josh.
Mr. Abbott's office after we have finished. The mess in the foyer. Our redecoration of the sanctuary.
The men's restroom (sans stalls). Our ill-fated computer project. Our hill.

The Big Q.

Brian Bason & Lisa Keen showing off our work.

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The Class of '96 is:

Buzz Andersen
Jerry Baer
Brian Bason
DeLynn Berry
Ian Fountain
Michelle Abbott
Eli Henrie
Lisa Keen
David Osborne
Josh Paquette
Jason Sheehan
Josh Young